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The Amber used in the Henryka jewelry collections comes directly from the renowned Polish Baltic coastal areas and is one of the few areas worldwide that amber can be found. 

Being a member of the International Amber Association, Henryka (Amber & Silver Jewelry) Ltd is certificated to be a supplier of only Genuine Baltic Amber. Certificate Number: 127.

All of our jewelry is made using only Baltic Amber, 925 Sterling Silver. In accordance with the Hallmarking Act (1973) we hallmark all items of silver over 7.78g in weight to comply with the law, protect the consumer and to ensure all silver sold by Henryka (Amber & Silver Jewelry) Ltd is silver.

We have added new collections to our range which combine our Baltic Amber with other beautiful and unique organic materials such as Black Oak, Pearls and Turquoise.

Amber & Black Oak

All products in this new range are made using Amber in a polished or matt finish along Silver and Black Oak.

What is Black Oak?

  • This unique, beautiful material comes from oak tree trunks that have been preserved in moist soil or water for a few hundred up to a few thousand years.
  • Long term contact with iron compounds diluted in water causes a reaction with tannins in the wood which turns the colour from grey/black to navy/black.
  • The unpolished wood needs specialist treatment and traditional methods are still in use.
  • Black oak can be found in central Europe, especially in river basins.
  • Because of its rarity only the best artisans use it in their work from furniture to jewellery.
  • The oldest trees found during archaeological surveys were dated back to the 14th century.

Amber & Pearl

Our Amber & Pearl collection showcases something different; a beautiful blend of amber colours combined with Pearls. It’s a timeless classic collection suitable for special occasions (or just to make every day feel special!).

All products in this range are made of Amber, Silver & Pearl.

  • Our pearls are Cultured Pearls

What is a cultured pearl?

A cultured pearl is any pearl grown with the influence of human intervention.

  • What is the difference between natural pearl & cultured pearl?

Natural pearls are pearls formed by chance. Cultured pearls have been given a helping hand by man. Today, nearly all pearls are cultured. By inserting a foreign object into a mollusc, pearl farmers can induce the creation of a pearl. From there, the same process of natural pearl creation takes place.

Cultured pearls can be distinguished from natural pearls through the use of x-rays, which reveal the inner part of the pearl.

  • Our pearls come from China
  • It takes 20 months to grow one of our pearls

Amber & Turquoise

This amazing collection combines Natural Milky Amber, Silver & Turquoise. 

Turquoise gets its name from Turkey (as it was traded through Turkey into Europe).

Actual name comes from ‘Turqueise’ which means Turkish in old French

  • Turquoise is a secondary mineral formed by circulating water carrying copper, aluminium & phosphorous leached from earlier rocks
  • The markings found in some turquoise stones are known as ‘matrix’ and are the mother rock from where the turquoise came
  • Today Turquoise is found in Iran, Afghanistan, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, Israel, Mexico, Tanzania & United States of America
  • Our Turquoise is mined in Albuquerque, USA
  • Held as a good luck charm or talisman, it is thought to promote good fortune, happiness & a long life
  • It is the Birthstone for December

Natural Amber

We have a wonderful collection of Natural Amber.  This is Amber that has only been cut to size and roughly polished. In using only minimal techniques in the manufacture of this collection the end result is a range of which when coupled with bright, fresh Silver shows off the wonderful individuality of Amber. 

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